SpatiaLite Provider Code for SharpMap 0.9

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on building a SpatiaLite data provider for SharpMap 0.9. That effort was mainly a learning exercise for me as work has already begun on one for SharpMap 2.0. I am making the source code available below. I have unit tested it (thanks mbUnit3 and Gallio) so it should be pretty solid.

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Writing GeoJSON from SharpMap, Part 1.5

Following up on my post a few months back about GeoJSON and SharpMap; here is the code to the converter as it stands so far. I have mentioned recently that things have been pretty busy at work so I have progressed on this more slowly than I had wished. I have yet to insert code to handle CRS but I thought it would be better to post something than nothing.

Basically, I just had to do some modifications to Morten’s original code for handling WKT. It was pretty straightforward owing mainly to the quality of Morten’s code. So here it is. Enjoy…

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Writing GeoJSON from SharpMap, Part 1

In between proposals, white papers and the like, I’ve been able to do a little coding to keep myself sane. Recently, I have been playing with SharpMap, GeoJSON and OpenLayers. But not necessarily in that order. Originally, I was looking over the GeoJSON spec to get more of a feel for it and decided that it would be fun (I know) to write an exporter for SharpMap. There is already a converter to write SharpMap geometries as WKT so I went ahead and built another one to convert to GeoJSON. In order to test it, I decided to use OpenLayers.

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