2011 TIGER Boundary Files in SpatiaLite Format

Over on the SpatiaLite Google Group, Stine Consulting announced the availability of 2011 TIGER Boundary files in SpatiaLite format. Despite initial enthusiasm, mainstream uptake of SpatiaLite has been slow but I think that’s about to change. Large organizations, such as the US Army, are showing a much more serious interest in SpatiaLite as they expand … Read more

SpatiaLite 3.0 Beta Is Available

Alessandro Furieri announced the availability of the beta of SpatiaLite 3.0.0 on 17 August. It can be downloaded here: http://www.gaia-gis.it/spatialite-3.0.0-BETA/index.html. Some of the more interesting additions include additional support for topology and the ability to export GeoJSON. I did a very quick test with QGIS 1.7.0 and was able to directly access and edit a … Read more

SpatiaLite 2.3.0 Released

Alessandro has been very busy lately. He announced, via the SpatiaLite Google Group, the release of version 2.3.0. The new features include (from the announcement): – supporting Routing [VirtualNetwork] – supporting EXIF GPS pictures – compatibility support for FDO/OGR RFC16 [VirtualFDO] – intensive and generalize debugging – AMALGAMATION: all the stuff put in a single … Read more

SpatiaLite Support in QGIS

Alessandro announced on SpatiaLite group today that QGIS 1.1 will include a data provider for SpatiaLite, the spatial extender for SQLite. It’s out there now in the SVN trunk if you’re so inclined. I am curious how long it will take to cascade through to the OSGEO4W build. If you haven’t check out SpatiaLite, I … Read more