OpenGeo Suite – A Milestone

On May 28th OpenGeo announced the release of the OpenGeo Suite. They also describe their open pricing structure for support of the suite.

This announcement represents a milestone for open-source geospatial software. If you are of a technical nature and are expecting a detailed discussion of the technical advantages of the OpenGeo Suite, you should probably stop reading now. The OpenGeo Suite is a milestone because it establishes a fair pricing model that addresses what, in my opinion, has been the primary barrier to the adoption of open-source GIS in many enterprises: risk.

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Bringing It All Together…

These are pretty fun times to be working in GIS. There’s an explosion of new technologies across the whole spectrum and integration possibilities are seemingly boundless. Back when I got started, ESRI and Intergaph were duking it out and others, like MapInfo, were out there on the periphery also. GRASS was flying the OS banner … Read more Bringing It All Together…

My Little Open-Source Stack

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and things have been busy. Soccer season has ended, the kids have finished school and I’ve finished up at my client site and moved back to the office. Among the many things I’ve been working on, I’ve started building an open-source GIS stack. It’s not entirely open-source since … Read more My Little Open-Source Stack