PgMap Is Now SpatialKit

I blogged a while back on PgMap, a freeware ArcGIS extension for directly connecting to PostGIS. ST-Links, the makers of PgMap, sent out an e-mail this morning announcing that PgMap and QMap (the equivalent technology for interacting with SQL Server 2008 spatial data) have been combined into a single tool called SpatialKit. This move comes … Read more

SQL Server 2008 WKT X/Y Switching Illustrated

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced that they will address this issue in an upcoming CTP. They plan to implement longitude-latitude ordering in WKB and WKT for both the geography and geometry types. In a response to my previous post, Brian Flood mentioned the ongoing discussion about SQL Server 2008 and the “switching” of X and Y … Read more

Inserting SQL 2008 Geometry With a SqlCommand

Update (7/1/2011): I wrote this post early in the SQL 2008 CTP. I no longer use the method described here. If you found this post via StackOverflow or some other Q&A site, I highly recommend this post by Vish as a more efficient way of doing things: I’m in the process of using SharpMap … Read more

MSDN Article on Mapping with WPF

I found this article today about using VB9 and WPF to draw thematic maps. It’s a good walk-through of how to do it. The article admits that the coordinate transformation used is not terribly accurate but that can be rectified. This article is a good example of how to build a mapping application without any … Read more

Spatial References in SQL Server 2008, Part 3

A little clarification is in order: SQL Server 2008 Books Online makes the following statement about SRIDs: “A SQL Server-supported SRID for geography instances must be used when performing calculations or using methods with geography spatial data. The SRID must match one of the SRIDs displayed in the sys.spatial_reference_systems catalog view.” As previously noted, SQL … Read more

SQL Server 2008 SharpMap Data Provider Code

As promised, I have uploaded the data provider code I mentioned earlier to the SharpMap site. It’s written in C#. I took the existing Oracle provider, stripped out the Oracle SQL and put in T-SQL. There are a couple of things I’m still trying to chase down but it’s basically done at this point. I know they’re busy trying to finish up SharpMap 2.0 so I don’t know how long it’ll take to become available. Just in case, here’s the code:

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