Still Jonesing for zigGIS? Try this OGR Plug-In for ArcGIS.

So I’ve actually noticed a surprising uptick in traffic related to zigGIS lately? We also had someone asking about ST-Links on the zigGIS mailing list last week. Clearly, there’s still a level of interest out there for the problem that zigGIS was designed for.

ArcGIS and SpatiaLite

ArcGIS reading SpatiaLite natively, thanks to OGR and Ragi Burhum

Along those lines, Ragi Burhum posted an OGR Workspace plug-in for ArcGIS up on GitHub. Using OGR is really the magic ticket and the project is available under a BSD license (which Ragi explains very well). The only word to the wise is that pre-built binaries and installers aren’t available yet so you Windows/ArcGIS users will need to get your hands dirty.

I haven’t used it yet but I plan to within the next week or so. Stay tuned for a follow up post.