SharpMap and SQL Server 2008 Spatial

I downloaded the November CTP yesterday and couldn’t resist. Today I wrote a SharpMap data provider for it. The black rectangle below represents a sample data set I created. It’s not as pretty as the Mexico data I used with SQLite but it’s beautiful to me. It’s being displayed in the DemoWinForm app that comes … Continue reading “SharpMap and SQL Server 2008 Spatial”

Is SharpMap Viable?

It seems there’s been a little more buzz about SharpMap lately and some folks have been doing some fact-checking with James offline. He deftly spun the question of “viability” into “popularity” by citing CodePlex statistics. Can’t say I blame him. The question of viability when it comes to open-source, especially smaller projects, can be tough … Continue reading “Is SharpMap Viable?”

Extending SharpMap with SQLite

Or vice versa. A while back I posted about setting up a GIS server using open source GIS technologies. When I left off, I was going to start messing with SharpMap. I’ve been able to get back to that recently. I am working on a project where I need to do some basic spatial operations … Continue reading “Extending SharpMap with SQLite”

Data, Apps, and Maps

It’s been a quiet month-and-a-half here on the blog, mostly owing to an abundance of project tasks. I recently started a short-term project to help one of my Federal customers extend data source support for an application they have been developing. This customer is technically a new one but the project team is made up … Continue reading “Data, Apps, and Maps”

MapWindow Open-Source Conference Coming Up

Thanks to Twitter, I see that the 3rd annual MapWindow Open-Source GIS Conference is coming up at the end of June. It is being held in Velp, The Netherlands. I call this conference out because it has a strong, but not exclusive, concentration on open-source GIS tools for the .Net environment, such as DotSpatial, SharpMap, … Continue reading “MapWindow Open-Source Conference Coming Up”

Working with the GeoIQ Features API

I find myself pointing people to GeoCommons for data more often these days. With over 50,000 data sets, there’s a lot there. The people I work with seem to usually be able to find data of value there so I’ve been putting a little time into making it easier to get data from GeoCommons. As … Continue reading “Working with the GeoIQ Features API”