pfisk on AutoLISP

This post from pfisk brought back a flood of memories. I haven’t done AutoLISP since I last used ArcCAD. I thought the point made about leveraging concepts from AutoLISP for 3D drawings was an interesting one.

Free and Closed. Why?

I was IMing with Paolo today and we were discussing his employer’s decision to migrate to open-source. The conversation took a few turns and we touched upon the concept of free closed-source software vice free open-source software. His employer had rejected a free CMS that was not open-source. This got me into a philosophical frame of … Read more Free and Closed. Why?

Derived Geometry Redux

A long time ago, on a blog-hosting site far far away, there was a blog called ArcDeveloper (not to be confused with ArcDeveloper.Net, which came later and did more). That was my first blog. It went in a few different directions. I wasn’t happy with it, so I killed it. There’s nothing to link to now.

Anyway, one of the posts I did on that blog had to do with creating derived geometry classes in .Net. The basic premise is simple: create a class that inherits from one of the ArcObjects geometry classes and then extend it to fit your needs. My application at the time had to do with writing an ArcGIS client for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) feeds.

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zigGIS and Spatial References, Part 2

Update to this post: Another post about zigGIS. I didn’t really intend this blog to be so dominated by zigGIS but that’s certainly the way it’s been thus far. Basically, it’s just really cool and it satisfies my geek nature on a couple of fronts. After posting about the spatial reference issue before, I couldn’t … Read more zigGIS and Spatial References, Part 2