Browsing WeoGeo Market Using the ESRI Silverlight API

Updated: This demo application now running here. I will update this demo periodically, as time permits, so keep checking back.

At the 2010 ESRI Federal User Conference, WeoGeo announced the availability of a toolbar for interacting with WeoGeo Market and private libraries from within ArcMap. This, combined with Dan Dye’s series of posts showing how to use the WeoGeo REST API with Python got me thinking about how easy it would be to integrate with ESRI’s clients for the ArcGIS Server REST API. All of my clients (it seems) are using the Silverlight API these days so I am spending a lot of time with it and decided to use it as my testbed.

My goal was simple, I wanted to browse the WeoGeo Market for any data sets in the current map extent, be able to select one from a list, and have its preview image display in the proper location on my Silverlight map.

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Writing GeoJSON from SharpMap, Part 1.5

Following up on my post a few months back about GeoJSON and SharpMap; here is the code to the converter as it stands so far. I have mentioned recently that things have been pretty busy at work so I have progressed on this more slowly than I had wished. I have yet to insert code to handle CRS but I thought it would be better to post something than nothing.

Basically, I just had to do some modifications to Morten’s original code for handling WKT. It was pretty straightforward owing mainly to the quality of Morten’s code. So here it is. Enjoy…

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Writing GeoJSON from SharpMap, Part 1

In between proposals, white papers and the like, I’ve been able to do a little coding to keep myself sane. Recently, I have been playing with SharpMap, GeoJSON and OpenLayers. But not necessarily in that order. Originally, I was looking over the GeoJSON spec to get more of a feel for it and decided that it would be fun (I know) to write an exporter for SharpMap. There is already a converter to write SharpMap geometries as WKT so I went ahead and built another one to convert to GeoJSON. In order to test it, I decided to use OpenLayers.

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Inserting SQL 2008 Geometry With a SqlCommand

Update (7/1/2011): I wrote this post early in the SQL 2008 CTP. I no longer use the method described here. If you found this post via StackOverflow or some other Q&A site, I highly recommend this post by Vish as a more efficient way of doing things: I’m in the process of using SharpMap … Read more

SQL Server 2008 SharpMap Data Provider Code

As promised, I have uploaded the data provider code I mentioned earlier to the SharpMap site. It’s written in C#. I took the existing Oracle provider, stripped out the Oracle SQL and put in T-SQL. There are a couple of things I’m still trying to chase down but it’s basically done at this point. I know they’re busy trying to finish up SharpMap 2.0 so I don’t know how long it’ll take to become available. Just in case, here’s the code:

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Exporting ArcObjects Feature Class to PGSQL

The same project that has me working with WPF has me busy on a few fronts. I’ve been spending the last few days writing a tool to export data out of an ArcObjects feature class and dump it to a pgsql .sql file. ArcGIS acts as a serviceable generic data accessor to many vector data types and ArcCatalog provides a decent UI for the user community I’m targeting (also, they already have it). As a result, I’ve been developing an ArcCatalog command that exports a selected feature class.

As the title of this post suggests, I didn’t have a lot of time in which to accomplish this task.

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Just back from vacation 🙁 and as a way of easing back into things, I have been tinkering with my WCF project that’s been sitting while the paying work has gotten done. It’s the one that wraps PostGIS coordinate conversion as a web service written using WCF. My copy of “Professional WCF Programming” arrived while … Read more

Consuming GeoRSS in ArcMap With InMemoryWorkspaceFactory

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks. I’m heading out to Florida tomorrow to spend time with my family and the Mouse. But before I head out, I thought I’d share a little something I’ve been working on.

I’ve been playing the last few days with the InMemoryWorkspaceFactory class in ArcObjects. I am looking at using it for a project I will be working on when I get back so I thought I’d do a little prototyping beforehand.

The fact that it works in memory is very attractive, especially for using volatile data. GeoRSS seemed like a natural source to use for prototyping.

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