zigGIS Source Code and Schwag Available

Abe has announced that the source code for zigGIS is now available (governed by the zigGIS EULA). It can be found at http://www.obtusesoft.com/source.aspx. Additionally, there is now zigGIS apparel available at http://www.cafepress.com/obtusesoft (just because it’s fun…and a little geeky). No, there is not an option to have the source code printed on a shirt. Enjoy … Read more

Oregon PostgreSQL Conference

This came through my inbox. I thought it may be of interest to PostgreSQL/PostGIS/ArcGIS 9.3 users in the Pacific Northwest. Request for proposals: PDXPUG PgDay, due by June 20,2008 PDXPUG PgDay will be on July 20, 2008. This is a one-day conference happening the day before OSCON at the Oregon Convention Center. We are inviting … Read more

Using ArcSDE 9.3 with PostgreSQL, Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed some approaches to configuring PostgreSQL databases and accessing the data in them with ArcSDE 9.3. For this post, I will describe some of my ongoing experiences with getting data into ArcSDE 9.3.

There are two main ways that I am investigating of loading/making available your spatial data in ArcSDE 9.3 for PostgreSQL. The first is the traditional method of importing a feature class via ArcCatalog. (You can also create data in this manner but I haven’t played with that yet.) The second is to register an existing PostGIS table as a layer using the “sdelayer -o register” command-line tool. I will discuss this latter option first.

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Using ArcSDE 9.3 with PostgreSQL, Part 1

This post may cover some similar ground to that which Dave has been treading but I’m just trying to document my experiences as they occur.

By virtue of my association with zigGIS, I’ve been involved with using PostgreSQL and PostGIS in the ArcGIS envrionment for some time now. One of the primary sources of excitement about 9.3 for me was that ArcSDE would finally support PostgreSQL as an RDBMS platform. ArcSDE has always been positioned as an enterprise platform and has, therefore, been rather expensive. This expense has been compounded by the need to also separately license an RDBMS platform such as Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 in addition to ArcSDE. PostgreSQL helps alleviate some of that cost while also providing very advanced capability.

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zigGIS 2.0 in Beta

Those of you following the progress of zigGIS via Twitter may have noticed that zigGIS 2.0 is being released to the beta testers. This version features better handling of spatial references and well as enabling editing of PostGIS data using native ArcMap tools. There’s been a lot of code cleanup along the way and Paolo … Read more