zigGIS 2.0 To Be Released on May 21st

Today was the original target for releasing zigGIS 2.0. There is a flurry of activity at Obtuse to get the web site and the online store ready. May 21st is the definite release date as all of the loose ends are tying up nicely.

A lot of work has been put into improving performance, especially with large PostGIS data sets. Additionally, editing is now supported. The new version has a couple of workflow tools to support check-in and check-out of features from PostGIS but all editing is done with the native ArcMap tools. zigGIS has been designed to allow full editing capability with an ArcView license so anyone with a valid license for Desktop will be able to edit their PostGIS data.

The original plans were to support all 9.x versions of ArcGIS Desktop but the devil has been in the details on that. The initial release will support 9.2 with earlier versions to come shortly thereafter. Testing against the 9.3 RC will occur shortly.

It seems like forever since I first came across this bizarrely-named project but it’s been exciting to play a part in its growth.

4 thoughts on “zigGIS 2.0 To Be Released on May 21st

  1. ADM,

    This is what I got from Abe:

    1. Caching is limited by system resources … so as long as there’s enough physical RAM then caching will work (otherwise you’ll get paging).
    2. Also about caching, loading the initial cache at startup will take some time, so startup will be painful, but should be OK thereafter.
    3. The performance of editing data is only related to how much you “check out”. So you might have millions of records, but you’ll probably never check out more than a few dozen at a time.

    So, it should work but you may take a performance hit when setting up the initial cache for such a large table. You can manage editing performance checking out only the subset of features you really need to edit. Basically, it’s not necessary to start an edit operation on the whole table in order to edit just a few records. You can check out only those records you wish to edit.

    I am happy to answer such questions but, in the future, you may want to post them to the zigGIS discussion on Google Groups. Then, you’ll get the attention of the entire development team and user community.

  2. hi, is it possible to edit on large tables in the database using zigGIS? Large means for example 15000000 records, size 1 GB.

  3. @JRM

    The easiest explanation is here. But editing at any tier is a key difference. Also, zigGIS only links up ArcGIS Desktop. It will not act as a data source for ArcGIS Server.

  4. Hi, I would like to know about the differences between your product and the native support for postgis in arcgis 9.3 ? thank you.

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