zigGIS 2.0 Beta Closing, Release Near

The zigGIS 2.0 beta is wrapping up this week. We got some good feedback and Abe was able to fix a few bugs. We’ll begin focusing on getting the release out. We are shooting for May 20th but that may slip because there’s a lot to do.

PostGIS editing is working pretty well now and, in general, it’s much more solid. zigGIS will work with ArcGIS 9.0 through 9.2. I need to test it against the 9.3 beta but that’ll have to wait a few days. Also, the full capability will work with ArcView (or any other license tier of ArcGIS), so direct read/edit of PostGIS will be open to anyone with ArcGIS.

Also, the Obtuse web site will be standing up so there will be more information.