ArcGIS.Next (+)

Steve has blogged about Clint Brown’s talk at the CA/HI/NV/Guam RUG meeting. There’s nothing particularly suprprising but we’re starting to get dates and features tied to version numbers. I am encouraged that 9.3 will be in beta soon. ESRI’s odd-numbered releases are always more stable. The support for PostgreSQL with ArcSDE is not a surprise. … Read more

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood…

With apologies to the great Robert Frost. I’ll admit that over the last few months I’ve become something of an open-source convert. I’ve been in the consulting business for about 15 years now and I’ve made through the “holy wars” relatively unscathed (Microsoft/Linux, IE/Netscape/Firefox, Oracle/Everyone else, ad nauseum). I’ve said it before that it’s not … Read more

pfisk on AutoLISP

This post from pfisk brought back a flood of memories. I haven’t done AutoLISP since I last used ArcCAD. I thought the point made about leveraging concepts from AutoLISP for 3D drawings was an interesting one.

The FedUC Approaches

The ESRI Federal User Conference is almost here. I’ll be going this year because my company is doing a booth. I like to refer to this event as the “UC-Lite” in that it’s smaller and more focused. I highly encourage anyone in the DC/MD/VA region to go. First of all, admission is free to all … Read more