SpatiaLite 2.3.0 Released

Alessandro has been very busy lately. He announced, via the SpatiaLite Google Group, the release of version 2.3.0. The new features include (from the announcement):

– supporting Routing [VirtualNetwork]
– supporting EXIF GPS pictures
– compatibility support for FDO/OGR RFC16 [VirtualFDO]
– intensive and generalize debugging
– AMALGAMATION: all the stuff put in a single source, as SQLite already does a complete SpatialDBMS engine in just 2 (two) C sources
– clear separation between the LIB and the TOOLs
– libspatialite-2.3.0 now includes libsqlite; linking a single library allow to support a full SpatialDBMS engine [some 800KB required]
– now builds on M$ Visual Studio .NET as well
enhanced GUI-tool:
– color SQL syntax
– full DB self-initialization during creation
[using init_spatialite.sql is no longer required]
– introducing MEMORY-DB … try and see …
… never seen before something comparable …

If you haven’t checked out SpatiaLite, you really should. It’s a very unique and useful tool.