JS.Geo 2014 Announced (Maybe)

UPDATE (12 March 2014): The situation with JS.GEO 2014 seems to be a bit fluid and the information originally posted here is no longer accurate. As indicated by Steve Citron-Pousty, the current goal is to have the event occur with FOSS4G in Portland, though that does not appear to have been finalized. In short, don’t book travel yet.

Information about the follow-up to last year’s JS.Geo event has been percolating back-channel for a few weeks now. Now some official details have been posted. This year’s event will be held in April in San Francisco. I attended last year’s session, really liked the focused format, and got a lot of good information out of it. One thing that was nice was that, regardless of whether you are of an Esri or open-source persuasion in your development preferences, there was a lot of good information presented with a relative lack of hyperbole, which made it easy to focus on the content.


As Todd Barr eloquently points out, the April 2014 calender is somewhat crowded with geo-events but, based on last year’s event, I’d recommend putting JS.Geo at the top of the list.