ESRI Federal GIS Conference Wrap-up

After arriving a little late on Day 2 due to needing to push updates to an application we’re building for an NGO, I was able to catch most of the session about deploying ArcGIS Server in the cloud. James was sitting in the front and has already blogged that session so I won’t go into … Continue reading “ESRI Federal GIS Conference Wrap-up”

#EsriFedCon Day One – Users Will Be Happy

I didn’t catch the first half of the Esri Federal GIS Conference plenary but James did a good recap of it on his blog. I did, however, catch the second half and the opening of the exhibit hall. This year was a departure from previous years in that it wasn’t a litany of the new … Continue reading “#EsriFedCon Day One – Users Will Be Happy”

Esri Fed Conference

I’ll be attending the Esri Federal User GIS Conference this week. For various reasons, I’ll be attending on the “Increased Carbon Footprint Plan” and commuting to and from the conference each day. I’m looking forward to the reprise of the DevGeo session this year as well as a number of the sessions and also meeting … Continue reading “Esri Fed Conference”

ESRI Dev Meetup, Silver Spring, MD

Another ESRI Dev Meetup is happening in the DC area on November 10th. This time, it’s at Fire Station One in Silver Spring, MD (kudos to Nick Furness for doing a good job of moving them around the DMV). These are generally a good time and ESRI doesn’t actually try to drive the content train … Continue reading “ESRI Dev Meetup, Silver Spring, MD”

Mapping GISP and PMP Certifications with GeoCommons and the ESRI Silverlight API

Note: The application described in this post is running here. It requires Silverlight 4. I was perusing my LinkedIn connections and noticed that quite a few had PMP certifications. I also noticed that most of those who did seemed to be in the Washington, DC area. Of course, given that I live in that region, … Continue reading “Mapping GISP and PMP Certifications with GeoCommons and the ESRI Silverlight API”

Simple Annotations With the Esri Silverlight API

In a previous post, I mentioned that I developed a MeasureString function for use in developing an annotation tool. In this post, I’ll go into a little bit more detail about that tool. For purposes of discussion, I extended the interactive graphics sample from the Esri Silverlight API interactive SDK. For starters, I added another … Continue reading “Simple Annotations With the Esri Silverlight API”

DevGeo Session at the Esri FedUC

We are approximately a month away from the Esri Federal User Conference. It is probably the largest geospatially-themed event in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area each year and has gotten bigger each year. I have documented this conference in the past and have pointed out that, despite its name, there is a lot of information that can … Continue reading “DevGeo Session at the Esri FedUC”