Heading to the 2010 ESRI Federal User Conference

I’m heading out this morning to the FedUC. Since it’s in my back yard, I usually hit it every year but, this year, I’m staying up in the city to save myself an even more hellish commute than usual. The lingering snow and ice has thrown roads in this area into mayhem.

Rumor has it that there are some West Coasters making the trip for this one. It’s a good thing Ross scheduled the #geoglobaldomination this time so they couldn’t use jet lag or time difference or some other excuse for missing it.

There’s definitely more of a buzz about the FedUC this year. I have personally spoken to many people locally who, due to the continued economic climate, are crossing San Diego off the list this year. It makes me start to wonder about whether the overall approach to these kinds of shows will start to shift to smaller, regional settings vice the single “big splash” event. Or maybe they should all just go virtual…

If you’re at the FedUC, maybe I’ll see you there!