Arc2Earth Sync Beta Announced

Over on Google+ (and also on Twitter), Brian Flood announced the impending availability of Arc2Earth Sync Beta to existing Arc2Earth users. This has been brewing for for a while and Brian says it best:

“What makes Sync really cool is the live edit synchronization and the ability to publish online to different formats. It’s a great way to provide integration between ArcGIS desktops/online and the other Cloud database providers like Google.”

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On November 11, 2011, I gave a lightning talk at the ESRI Dev Meetup in Silver Spring, MD. My talk was titled “If I Were Jack For a Day.” Despite the infinite comedic potential of that title, it was a tongue-in-cheek look at some items on my wish list for the ArcGIS platform.

An increasing portion of my consulting work deals with helping users integrate their established ArcGIS infrastructures with other spatial technologies. So my talk was a semi-selfish look at things that would make my life as a consultant and integrator easier.

Nick Furness will post the slides but they aren’t designed to stand on their own so I thought I’d address them here to provide context. I’ll take them one or two per post in no particular order. With that, first up on the docket:

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Pre-FOSS4G Roundup

I’m getting ready to head out to Denver for the 2011 installment of FOSS4G. It seems like my biggest problem will be figuring out how to clone myself in order to sit in every session. Open-source geospatial is such a vibrant and active area right now that there’s just so much to see and learn.

A couple of things of note (to me) before I head out the door:

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So, Which Is It?

Update: I pulled this link out of the comment thread below to emphasize it. It seems to answer this question for now:

Since my previous posts about PgMap and the shuttering of zigGIS, the nature of the planned support for connecting directly to spatial databases from ArcGIS 10.1 has gotten somewhat muddier.


One of the first indications of direct support was this statement from the ESRI UC Q&A.

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Taking A Look At PgMap

When I blogged about the official end of zigGIS last week, I included a mention of PgMap, a free extension to ArcMap for direct read/edit of PostGIS data. Judging from outbound links, there seems to be a good bit of interest in it so I decided to take a look.

To recap, Abe decided to pull the plug on zigGIS due to the fact that ESRI will support direct read/edit of spatial databases (as simple features) in 10.1. In my opinion, this is a good development. With native support coming, there was no need to continue with zigGIS. That support, however, will only exist in ArcGIS 10.1. Users of older versions will need to find alternatives. Based on our experience with zigGIS (as well as download data I’ve seen for the WeoGeo toolbar), there are a lot of people (especially outside the US) still using ArcGIS 9.x so demand for an alternative will probably be high for some time.

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