Prince George’s County, Maryland Posts 3-D Planning Model Videos

A few days ago, Michael Shean of the Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) announced the availability of videos of 3-D terrain models created to support Planning Board activities in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The videos have been made available via Google+ here:

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Google Earth: Say wha…?

I was researching the Google Earth COM API and came upon this little gem in its documentation regarding backward compatibility: Note About Backwards Compatibility In all likelihood, future versions of the Google Earth COM API will be fully backwards compatible with the current version. I am now sufficiently inspired to continue. ­čÖé

Free and Closed. Why?

I was IMing with Paolo┬átoday and we were discussing his employer’s decision to migrate to open-source. The conversation took a few turns and we touched upon the concept of free closed-source software vice free open-source software. His employer had rejected a free CMS that was not open-source. This got me into a philosophical frame of … Read more Free and Closed. Why?