Still Jonesing for zigGIS? Try this OGR Plug-In for ArcGIS.

So I’ve actually noticed a surprising uptick in traffic related to zigGIS lately? We also had someone asking about ST-Links on the zigGIS mailing list last week. Clearly, there’s still a level of interest out there for the problem that zigGIS was designed for. ArcGIS reading SpatiaLite natively, thanks to OGR and Ragi Burhum Along … Continue reading Still Jonesing for zigGIS? Try this OGR Plug-In for ArcGIS.

zigGIS Hotfix Available

Abe announced the availability of hotfix 3 for zigGIS 2.0.5. From the announcement: Hotfix 3 fixes an issue that prevented point layers from being editable; it also includes all prior hotfixes. The hotfix is a free upgrade and is highly recommended for all users. Please go to > My Order. After logging in you’ll … Continue reading zigGIS Hotfix Available

zigGIS 3.0 To Be Open-Source

Update: zigGIS has been discontinued. Abe officially announced today that the next major release of zigGIS, version 3.0, will return to open-source. This announcement was followed up with a message on the zigGIS Google Group. A snippet of that message is here: We have some exciting news. The next version of zigGIS will officially return … Continue reading zigGIS 3.0 To Be Open-Source

Using PostgreSQL Views in zigGIS 2.0.2

When we mapped out the way ahead for zigGIS, we knew we wanted to lay the groundwork to add support for SQL Server 2008 and possibly other database platforms. The way zigGIS was originally constructed, it used the PostGIS geometry_columns table to discover available spatial tables. This has worked well but we came to realize … Continue reading Using PostgreSQL Views in zigGIS 2.0.2

zigGIS 2.0.2 Enhancements Announced

Abe posted today about upcoming enhancements in zigGIS 2.0.2. These changes address some of the most common feedback that we’ve heard from users. Abe has been working hard to get these changes implemented and released in a timely fashion. Testing will begin shortly. In addition to the flexibility that Abe describes, these changes also begin … Continue reading zigGIS 2.0.2 Enhancements Announced

zigGIS 2.0.2 Getting Closer

Abe announced via Twitter today that zigGIS 2.0.2 will be available in about a month. This a small but significant release becuase zigGIS will now support the generic PostGIS “GEOMETRY” type. Because ArcGIS expects homogenous feaure classes, zigGIS will ask the user to choose a geometry type for the the specified GEOMETRY-typed column. So, if … Continue reading zigGIS 2.0.2 Getting Closer