JS.Geo 2015 Coming in October

Just prior to heading out of town for vacation, I noticed that the JS.Geo 2015 site went live. This year’s event has moved east to Philadelphia and is being held on October 8, 2015. The date is the Thursday before Columbus Day weekend so it will be a great transition into a long weekend, especially for a lot of DC and Baltimore-area developers. The venue looks to be about a 15-minute walk from the 30th Street Amtrak station, so it’s convenient for developers from Richmond to Boston.


My company joined as a sponsor this year. We are doing more with this technology mix as our government customers come around, and we feel that focused, vendor-independent, events such as JS.Geo are an important learning resource. The approach of JS.Geo is something I’d like to see applied to other technical areas because I think the low cost and limited time commitment make the event very accessible to everyone from students to government staff that may be fighting limited travel budgets. The content of past events has been top-notch and the speakers already lined up are an indication that this one will keep with that tradition.

I can’t recommend JS.Geo enough. If you can spare a day in October, I strongly recommend attending.