geoMusings: Station Identification

This is the personal blog of Bill Dollins, titled “geoMusings,” and has been in operation in its current incarnation since December 2006. Earlier incarnations of this blog no longer exist and no backups were made.

This blog is primarily centered on topics related to geospatial technologies, geographic information systems, databases, and programming but I reserve the right to post about any topic area which I see fit. As a programmer, consultant, and small business owner, I may produce posts that are technical in nature, including code samples in various programming languages but I may also post on issues related to business and policy as well.

Over time, the content of this blog may track with projects on which I am working but may just as easily reflect my personal explorations with various technologies. Ultimately, this blog will serve as a snapshot of my current interests at any point in time. The content of this blog does not reflect the views of my employer or any other entity with which I may be associated.

I first observed the practice of station identification on Sean Gillies’ blog who, in turn, credits John Scalzi. Rather than performing station identification on the first of the year, I have opted to do so on the anniversary of the blog.

Thank you for your continued readership, commentary, and support.