Communication Proposal Deadline for gvSIG Conference

As I posted before, the 5th gvSIG conference is scheduled for December 2-4, 2009 in Valencia. I got an e-mail reminder that communication proposals (presentations, posters, etc.) are due by September 21st. From the e-mail:

We remind you that we are now expecting communication proposals for the 5th gvSIG Conference (Valencia, 2nd-4th December 2009) [1]. The deadline is September 21st.

You just have to send an abstract, following the template provided on the Reports section of the Conference web page [2] to and the scientific committee will evaluate it to be in the conference programme.

There are two types of communications: presentation and poster. The communications have to be preferably related to the gvSIG project and the following issues will be also be considered in the evaluation:

* Innovation.
* Usefulness for the GIS community.
* Usefulness for the free open source community.