Chrome: IE-Killer? Or not…

I use StatCounter to track statistics on a couple of web sites, including this blog. StatCounter, like many other similar services, tracks by browser among other ways of analyzing your statisitics. Anyway, they have been posting some statistics about Google Chrome on their blog. I found them interesting so I thought I’d pass on a link.

What is most interesting to me is that, while Chrome usage has increased, it has not come at the expense of Internet Explorer. Primarily, Firefox and Safari have taken the biggest hit. In the US and UK, IE usage has actually grown since the Chrome introduction while the others have shrunk. Globally, IE usage also shrank but by less than Firefox and Safari. “Other” (I presume this to mean Opera and other cats and dogs) grew globally.

I’ve played with Chrome. It’s nice as a curiosity. I think the world needs another browser about as much as it needs another lawyer but no one is asking me….