Dev Summit Meetup

I went to the meetup last night. I had already spent part of the day with James and fantomplanet. In addition, I got to meet Dave Bouwman, Chris Spagnuolo, Brian Noyle, Morten Nielsen, Ed Katibah and others. It was pretty exciting and a good time. It was also fun to meet a lot of folks who read our blogs.

Some of us got to hear a great story from Don Cooke of TeleAtlas about the first ESRI UC. Fantomplanet has mentioned this story on his blog. I won’t go into any details here (it’s not my story to tell) but it was one for the ages.

Afterward, a group of us set out to grab a bite to eat and learned exactly how early restaurants close in Palm Springs. Chris and Dave bailed after the fourth place we tried was closed. About an hour later, I was thinking that they may have been the smartest ones among us.

Anyway, the meetup was a great time. It was good to meet those whose blogs I also read but it was also nice to get feedback from folks who have us in their aggregators. It’s still sometimes a little surprising to learn that others may find some value in the things I type here.

Thanks to James and Dave for taking the lead on setting this up. There were rumblings of one in San Diego as well. If so, I’ll be there since we’re doing a booth this year.