FedUC: From the Exhibit Hall

Most of the usual suspects were there today but there was very little that was new or exciting. The system integrator community was well represented as well as several relevant government agencies such as USGS, NGA, BLM, etc. There was a good cross-section of government support, including land managment, environment and others. In other words, it wasn’t as dominated by homeland security types as it has been in recent years. One thing that did impress me was the high-definition surveying from PBS&J. They had a sensor running and surveyed the exhibit hall pretty fast and they seem to be able to turn around good GIS and CAD data pretty fast. Beyond that, I had seen most of what was being exhibited before.

I continue to be impressed by the depth of the content of the paper sessions. I can honestly say that this is the first FedUC where I felt like I couldn’t get to everything I wanted to.