ArcGIS 9.4 Mentioned at FedUC

This is my first time posting from my Moto Q so forgive any typos.

I just sat through the FedUC opening talk by Jack. There was a lot of talk about 9.3, as would be expected. There was also a lot of talk about positioning AGS support the GeoWeb, including a compelling demo of an AGS-based drive-time analysis in AGX, GE, VE and GMaps. More on that later.

Jack also mentioned some of the work being done to extend the geodatabase at 9.4. Not a whole lot was said about 9.4 (intentionally) except a little about beefed up 3D support in the geodatabase but he did mention the end of the year as a release target.

That’s the first concrete thing I had heard about a 9.x release beyond 9.3.