MO No Mo’

Okay, there’s nothing terribly surprising about ESRI’s announcement regarding MapObjects in this technical article. I would have been more surprised if they had announced that it would be supported or that there would be another version or something like that. In truth, I haven’t touched MapObjects in years. It was dead to me even if … Read more

Bringing It All Together…

These are pretty fun times to be working in GIS. There’s an explosion of new technologies across the whole spectrum and integration possibilities are seemingly boundless. Back when I got started, ESRI and Intergaph were duking it out and others, like MapInfo, were out there on the periphery also. GRASS was flying the OS banner … Read more

Creating ArcObjects Spatial Reference Objects From PostGIS Spatial Reference Definitions

As discussed in my previous post, I’m trying to beef up the spatial reference support in zigGIS. I am doing this mainly to introduce support for user-defined spatial references. It pretty much boils down to querying the the appropriate SR from the PostGIS spatial_ref_sys table and applying the value of the srtext column to create … Read more