It’s been a while since I’ve posted, owing to 2018 getting off to a quick start. At work, we wrapped up the year at Spatial Networks by putting the finishing touches on a strategic plan that calls for the company roughly doubling in size next year. This has been reflected in our aggressive pacing of hiring across a number of disciplines, and it promises to continue.

I just celebrated my first anniversary with Spatial Networks and it’s been a great experience. Coming from a federal consulting background, I’ve learned a lot about the software-as-a-service business and have had a lot of opportunity to exercise the technical leadership skills I had been looking to expand.

Since my last post, our aggressive growth mode has had me focusing a lot on hiring, writing position descriptions, and helping to flesh out product roadmaps for both Fulcrum and our internal products.

Fulcrum is our most visible product, but we also have a service line in which we collect, analyze, and deliver data for customers who need it. Spatial Networks has a worldwide reach for this service and it has had me looking at our own internal data management. In this case, we are a Fulcrum user and this work has helped me better understand the issues our larger users deal with.

More recently, I’ve been getting my hands dirty building a Fulcrum desktop viewer application for Windows. It’s still in a very alpha state, but is coming along nicely and there should be a viable app in the next couple of weeks. It’s making using of the Fulcrum Query API and the data interaction itself is relatively straightforward.  I’m planning to get as close as I can to UI idioms we’ve implemented elsewhere on the platform and I’m also planning for it to be a non-administrative install to reduce friction for our enterprise and government users. Other than that, I get to do lot of SQL, which makes me very happy.

That’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’s exciting times and I’m looking forward to the rest of 2018 and beyond.