Turning It Up to ’11

With 2011 upon us, here are a few things I hope to achieve this year (in no particular order):

  • Enjoy life with my family
  • Sharpen my Python skills
  • Get better with Javascript
  • Build at least one useful application with a NoSQL back-end
  • Build at least one application that runs on a cloud infrastructure (maybe in conjunction with the previous three items)
  • Get better with many of the cloud-based geospatial tools and deepen my proficiency with Arc2Earth, WeoGeo and GeoIQ offerings in this area
  • Educate my customers (especially the Federal ones) and colleagues on all of these
  • Grow my company
  • Engage more with my professional community (locally and beyond)
  • Stay on top of the latest research on management of type 1 diabetes and the search for a cure
  • Maintain enough control over my schedule to be able to accomplish all of these things

Happy New Year, everyone!