SilverLight and ArcGIS Server 9.3

Al Pascual has posted about a sample app he Richie developed using SilverLight 2.0. For those who have been wondering about this (like me), I highly encourage checking this out. The SilverLight Deep Zoom technology is pretty impressive and it works well in IE, FireFox and Safari (on Windows anyway). See below.

Links to the demos are on Al’s blog. Source code is available from the code gallery. Good work Al Richie!

Update! The first version of this post was incorrect. This application was written by Richie Carmichael

7 thoughts on “SilverLight and ArcGIS Server 9.3

  1. I agree but that’s mainly because there is a Flex API. As of this point, ESRI doesn’t really have a “SilverLight API” per se. This is a demo that Richie has put together.

    SilverLight is capable of producing UIs just as nice as Flex and I think if ESRI put the work in to produce a comparable API for SilverLight, it would compare nicely to Flex.

  2. Hy

    It looks nice. But Flex API provides much better UI and look.

  3. Abe,
    Make sure that when you download the Silverlight control in FF is the latest, MS has been changing the plug in so many times that is hard to keep up. Now I do not know if when downloading the plug in with IE will replace the plug in for all browsers installed in your computer.

  4. Interesting. It worked fine for me in IE7, FF and Safari on Windows (see the screen caps above). Can’t speak for what it does on a Mac.

  5. Wow, that was almost as epic as … didn’t load in FF for Mac, Safari for Mac, or FF for Windows (all have the SL plugin). It finally loaded in IE 7.

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