AGX Build 480 is Corny

Or maybe it’s just this post.

It’s always fun in tools such as ArcGIS Explorer and Google Earth to browse around your local area and check out the familiar sites, especially when there is an update. In my case, that means browsing around Southern Maryland. The imagery in build 480 for my area was apparently captured in the fall since corn mazes can be see pretty clearly. Here are the approximate coordinates of a couple:

-76.698488, 38.323529
-76.720778, 38.411094

The second is of particular interest. I took my daughter to that one in Pre-K. I know this because the owners helpfully carved the words “Forrest Hall Farm 2005” into the field. This is all the more interesting since the copyright statement at the corner of the screen would lead you to believe you are looking at 2007 imagery.

This kind of like looking for the errors in movies.