“Upgrading” to SQL Server 2008 February CTP

There is no direct upgrade yet so you need to remove the November CTP. Apparently, the uninstall doesn’t always work well (hey, it’s beta). Luckily, Tim’s post straightened me out. This worked for me. More accurately, the guidance in Michael’s comment worked for me.

  • Morten

    I couldn’t uninstall either, but this tool saved my butt:

  • Cool! Thanks! I’ll keep that handy for the next CTP.

  • That’s why its nice to keep a virtual machine handy for these occasions so you can virtually throw it out the window. I had the same issue with the SQL Server 2005 betas.

  • That’s a good point and I do know better. I use VMs a lot but took a shortcut. No one to blame but myself, I guess!

  • Bruce

    After four tries and failures on a VM and on my laptop with about an hour+ of install time each I gave up. I don’t know what I did wrong but when you compare this with the install procedure of PostgreSQL/PostGIS this is a joke.