Mornings and Evenings

I’ve been paying more attention to my morning and evening routines the past few months. This started as a outgrowth of my focus on fitness, but has since expanded. Originally, I set out to block out time during my day to ensure that I had time for fitness activities. This usually shows up as an “out of office” block on my Google Calendar (which automatically rejects meeting requests).

That typically happens in the mornings, especially for runs. I am a morning runner and the likelihood of me actually going out for a run decreases as the day goes along. I am more successful with yoga/HIIT/weight training at other times of the day, but running has to happen in the morning if it’s going to happen.

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Lessons on Working from Home

I have worked from home full-time for the past three years. I know a few people who have done so for a lot longer (decades), but, regardless of how long anyone I know has worked from home, we seem to have many of the same observations.

Thanks to the coronavirus, we are becoming a lot more familiar with the concept of “social distancing” and work from home may become more prevalent for a while. When I worked in a cubicle, I romanticized the idea of work from home. Now that I’ve done it for a while, I realize it is a unique work experience with its own benefits and drawbacks. Rather than enumerate those in detail, I’ll address some practices that I have adopted and evolved during my time at home.

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