Day-Tripping NCGIS 2011

I went down to the NCGIS Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday (it’s still going on today). I was speaking in the session titled “The Desktop App: News of My Death is Premature.” My talk was called “If You Can Browse This Map, Thank a Desktop” and was focused less on desktop apps themselves than the fuzzy boundary between the desktop and the web. I have been told that the slide deck and, more frighteningly, the video of the talk will be online at some point.


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Crazy Times – Coming Up For Air

It’s been an extremely busy few months, as evidenced by the pace (or lack thereof) of blogging. I have been hopping between customer sites, mainly helping with ArcGIS Server implementations. We’re also re-hosting an ArcIMS site for someone. I expect that to eventually transition as well but we have to get it moved first. I’m … Read more

OpenGeo Suite – A Milestone

On May 28th OpenGeo announced the release of the OpenGeo Suite. They also describe their open pricing structure for support of the suite.

This announcement represents a milestone for open-source geospatial software. If you are of a technical nature and are expecting a detailed discussion of the technical advantages of the OpenGeo Suite, you should probably stop reading now. The OpenGeo Suite is a milestone because it establishes a fair pricing model that addresses what, in my opinion, has been the primary barrier to the adoption of open-source GIS in many enterprises: risk.

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