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I am seeing a bit of a bump in traffic from the “50 Best Blogs for Geography Geeks” list that hit the interwebs yesterday. I don’t usually pay much attention to such lists but I do recognize that they can be useful “one-stop” resources for people who are just getting started with geospatial tools. That said, this list caught my attention more for some of the blogs that were not included than for those that were.

If you are here because my blog was listed there (the list was also blogged by Mapperz), here are a few notable geospatially-oriented blogs that I was surprised to find omitted from that list. These are blogs I consider resources and inspirations for my work/explorations/musings. I strongly recommend checking them out. They are listed in no particular order.

Clever Elephant (Paul Ramsey)
Surveying, Mapping and GIS (Dave Smith)
SharpGIS (Morten Nielsen)
High Earth Orbit (Andrew Turner)
Off the Map (FortiusOne)
Random Nodes (Jason Birch)
Sean Gillies Blog (Sean Gillies) (Dave Bouwman)
The Memory Leak (Kirk Kuykendall)
Boston GIS (Regina Obe, Leo Hsu, et al)
Computing, GIS and Archaeology in the UK (Joanne Cook) *
Thinking in GIS (Paolo Corti)
GIS and .NET Development (Brian Noyle)
Wherewithal (Terry Stigers)

The topics covered by these blogs run the gamut and titles can be deceiving so I suggest digging into each one. Search the archives of each and you can find some good information. Enjoy!

*Update: This blog was on the original list but I missed it.

7 thoughts on “Thanks For Stopping By, Be Sure to Visit…

    1. That’s what I thought. I felt like many meatier resources were excluded. Normally, I would have let it go but it seemed that list was getting traffic so I thought I’d put a few extra road signs on my little off-ramp.

  1. Just to pick a nit – Computing, GIS and Archaeology in the UK is number 33 on the original list.

    1. So it is. I scrolled right by it about a dozen times. I also think I misspelled “Archaeology” when I searched for it. Thanks!

      1. Don’t feel bad. I know at least 2 archaeologists who can’t spell ‘archaeology’.

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