SpatialLite 2.3.1 and RasterLite 1.0 Released

Alessandro made two announcements today. First SpatiaLite 2.3.1 has been released. Changes include:

* including SQLite v.3.6.16
* including GEOS.3 1.1
* added SQL version functions: spatialite_version(),
proj4_version(), geos_version()
* added SQL functions: IsTiffBlob(), IsWaveletBlob()
[RasterLite compatibility]
* now supporting the ‘F’ (float) datatype for DBF
[while reading some Shapefile]

bug fixes:

* fixed a stupid initialization bug disabling MbrCache
* fixed a stupid initialization bug disabling VirtualFDO
* fixed some EXIF and EXIF-GPS inconsistencies
* fixed incorrect SRID handling for PointN(), GeometryN() ..
* fixed a nasty error [causing a crash] while parsing
degenerated WKT geometries (single-vertex LINESTRING …)
* fixed some ./configure oddities
[–with-proj-include, –with-geos-include]
* and many others …

Also from Alessandro, RasterLite 1.0:

today I released RasterLite, a really simple SpatiaLite-based C API [and related command-line management tools] supporting Raster Data Sources in a SpatiaLite DB.

RasterLite implements TILING and multi-level PYRAMIDS, and take full profit from RTree-based Spatial Indexing.

Individual tiles can be stored at your choice as:
TIFF [supporting monochrome CCITT FAX-4 compression]
PNG [loseless compression]
GIF [loseless compression]
JPEG [lossy compression]
WAVELET [lossy compression]

As from my preliminary testings, RasterLite is able to handle really huge Raster Data Sources [several GB-sized] in a really efficient and painless way.

You can find a tutorial explaining in depth how to use the following popular publicly available satellite imagery and DEMs:
– TrueMarble 250m/pixel world coverage
– ETOPO5 wold coverage
– SRTM 90m/pixel world coverage

Information on both can be found at the SpatiaLite web site.

2 thoughts on “SpatialLite 2.3.1 and RasterLite 1.0 Released

  1. Bill,

    This is pretty cool. I wonder if there will be some useful integration features with the PostGIS WKT Raster initiative.

    I’m really hoping to be able to use SpatiaLite/RasterLite, as a detachable mini vehicle to a PostGIS install for emergency response and so forth (kind of like those enterprise spaceships that release miniature space ships for exploratory work).


    1. Regina,

      I am looking at the same type of thing. I think it’s an ideal solution for a mobile “check-out/check-in” kind of workflow.


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