GIS People on Twitter

Update: “The GIS Forum” mentioned here is no longer online.

If you haven’t seen Allan Laframboise’s excellent presentation from the DevSummit on the GeoWeb Community, I highly encourage you to check it out. It includes some poll results with very surprising data about the use of social media (or lack thereof) by GIS developers.

One of the resources that he mentions near the end is the GIS Forum, which has been covered by others. I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight, in the spirit of Allan’s presentation, the growing list of GIS folks on Twitter that is being compiled on the GIS Forum. It can be found here.

I personally find Twitter to be an invaluable resource. I also find the GIS Forum to be a nice complement to it as a means to support more detailed discussions that may spin off from Twitter interaction. If you’re just getting started on Twitter (or doing your homework that Allan assigned), I suggest checking out the list to build your community quickly.