In celebration of this day when the non-stop political ads, robo-calls, junk mail, and social media posts *should* finally come to an end. I threw together a little map to show the latest time at which polls close in each state. This should represent, state-by-state, the time (EST) at which you can safely go back to answering your phones. Click the image below to go there (the data takes a couple of seconds to load).

Democracy is a wonderful thing, but it will be nice to have this campaign season behind us.

Bill Dollins

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  • Kristen

    not quite loading for me!

    • Bill Dollins

      Should be better now. Thanks!

  • Paul Bartsch (@PDBartsch)

    Good stuff Bill! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this day as well.

    • Bill Dollins

      Thanks, Paul. The peace and quiet are very nice. :)


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