Anne Arundel County, Maryland Announces GIS Data Downloads

A while back, I posted about county-level GIS data available in the State of Maryland. I was very happy to see an announcement on LinkedIn that Anne Arundel County, Maryland has rolled out a new data download page that makes their GIS data freely available. Kudos to Eric Wilson and everyone else in the Anne … Read more Anne Arundel County, Maryland Announces GIS Data Downloads

Free Maryland GIS Data Resources

It was with great interest that I read this post last week about the cost of GIS data in the Washington, DC region. Not only is the post itself informative but the comment discussion is also a worthy read.

This did get me curious, however, as to which counties in my home state of Maryland make GIS data freely available. The approach I took to this was simple: I did what any average county resident would probably do and went to each county’s web site looking for a link to a data download. If I didn’t find something in a few clicks, I went to Google (search term: {county name} md gis). If there was nothing there, I moved on. With that, here are the counties I found which provide free, downloadable GIS data:

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