zigGIS 2.0 in Beta

Those of you following the progress of zigGIS via Twitter may have noticed that zigGIS 2.0 is being released to the beta testers. This version features better handling of spatial references and well as enabling editing of PostGIS data using native ArcMap tools. There’s been a lot of code cleanup along the way and Paolo … Continue reading “zigGIS 2.0 in Beta”

Follow zigGIS on Twitter

Obtuse Software has established a Twitter account for zigGIS with the intent of using Twitter to broadcast status updates on zigGIS. The link to the zigGIS home on Twitter is: twitter.com/zigGIS Twitter users who are interested in keeping up to date as zigGIS 2.0 moves through beta into its release and beyond can simply follow … Continue reading “Follow zigGIS on Twitter”

ZigGIS Beta

As zigGIS 2.0 enters its beta stage, I am (somewhat strangely) reminded of the famous line from Yeats: “what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” Kind of a weird thing to have pop into your head in relation to something as positive as zigGIS, but sleep deprivation … Continue reading “ZigGIS Beta”

zigGIS Updates

For those that are interested, Abe has been posting screencasts of the the improvements to zigGIS at the Obtuse site. The zigGIS 2.0 beta will be out soon. The performance of the direct connect to PostGIS has been greatly improved and full editing has been implemented using native ArcGIS tools. There is also a Google … Continue reading “zigGIS Updates”

Whither zigGIS?

Things have been a little quiet (publicly) with zigGIS, owing mainly to outside workload. For those of you who may be wondering, Abe Gillespie, the original author of zigGIS is now more fully engaged on it and making some updates. He should have some announcements in the coming weeks but I just wanted to float … Continue reading “Whither zigGIS?”

Way Ahead for zigGIS

Abe, Paolo and I had a chat session yesterday to coordinate efforts on zigGIS. It was good session and we’re all on the same page with getting zigGIS solidified. The general theme of the outcome from yesterday is that we want to make zigGIS a solid experience for PostGIS users first. We have discussed other … Continue reading “Way Ahead for zigGIS”

ZigGIS Catalog Objects

Things have been REALLY slow on zigGIS for a while. All of us (Paolo, Abe, me) have all been up to our eyeballs with work, leaving little time to work on the zig. Now that Abe is out on his own, the three of us have been trying to coordinate a chat session to lay … Continue reading “ZigGIS Catalog Objects”