In For a Dime…

…in for a dollar.

I’ve been blogging about zigGIS a lot (more than I had planned to, really). So, today, I joined the project. If you go to the site, you’ll see “bill” listed as one of the project owners. That’s me.

I had a long IM session with Paolo today and there’s a lot to do. It’s an amazing project that has a lot of potential. Not just for PostGIS but other data sources as well. This is my first time joining an open-source project so that’ll be a learning experience for me as well. You can’t be a lurker forever…

  • Welcome in zigGIS, Bill!
    You are right, a lot of work to do, but very interesting and promising project.

  • Thanks for having me!

    For anyone who may be montioring this discussion, we have discussed expanding data support to MySQL Spatial, Oracle Spatial and MS SQL Spatial. Basically anything that’s OGC-compliant.