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A Perhaps-Premature Recap of My Year

The calendar is inching up on the nine-year anniversary of this blog and it’s starting to feel like it’s been that long since I’ve actually written anything. It’s been an interesting year and the last couple of months have been no exception. It’s probably a bit early for a year-end recap but I feel the […]

A Brief Recap of JS.GEO

Last week, I attended the JS.GEO event in Philadelphia. In this post, I offer a brief recap of what I saw. It is brief for two reasons. First, it has already been ably covered in detail by others. I went on family-related travel immediately afterward and could not sit down to collect my thoughts until […]

GeoHipster Call for Maps

Earlier this year, I joined the newly-formed advisory board for the web site GeoHipster. The site, and specifically the Q&A interview format with people working throughout the geospatial industry, had rapidly developed an audience and the logistics had outpaced the ability of the site’s founder, Atanas Entchev, to keep up. So a group of us […]

Do I Need a Map Server?

I saw this tweet today from Lyzi Diamond and I found the question intriguing. My answer was reference back to one of her posts, concerning the use of link relations to add GeoJSON data to Leaflet. What has been your biggest “a-ha!” moment while learning mapping technology? What resource gave it to you? #gistribe — […]

Desktop GIS

I’ve found myself using desktop GIS more and more lately. While I don’t tend to think of myself as an analyst and I’ll never be confused with a cartographer, it is simply not possible to perform GIS software development without making occasional use of desktop GIS. My typical use cases involve data preparation or query […]

JS.Geo 2015 Coming in October

Just prior to heading out of town for vacation, I noticed that the JS.Geo 2015 site went live. This year’s event has moved east to Philadelphia and is being held on October 8, 2015. The date is the Thursday before Columbus Day weekend so it will be a great transition into a long weekend, especially […]