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Writer’s Block

It’s been an unusually long period of inactivity on the blog. I have been experiencing probably my worst case of writer’s block since I (re)started this blog over eight years ago. It’s not as though I’ve not been working on interesting things. I have been helping implement a data publication system for a large federal […]

Thoughts On TUGIS 2015

I spent yesterday at TUGIS, Maryland’s GIS conference. It is an annual, one-day event, held at Towson University. As such, it is a bit of a sprint, especially when bracketed on either end by a double-beltway commute. The day started with the plenary which included a brief talk by Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor Boyd K. Rutherford, […]

Run To Daylight

I am a huge football fan and the title of this post is one of my favorite quotes, attributed to Vince Lombardi. The concept is simple: find a gap in the defense and run through it. Spotting gaps is a little easier in football than in other endeavors, but the concept is broadly applicable: spot […]


Today marks the first day of classes for the spring semester at Salisbury (Maryland) University. This is significant for me because it also marks my first day as an instructor in the Masters of GIS Management program, teaching an online course called “Leadership in GIS Organizations.” This is my first foray back into academia in […]


The convoluted user interfaces of most desktop GIS software is something I revisit from time to time. James’ most recent issue of his SpatialTau newsletter got me thinking about it again. A while back, I got caught up in a Twitter discussion about it. Tools like and TileMill have fantastic interfaces, but they also […]

On GeoHipster

This time last year, Atanas Entchev’s GeoHipster site was just getting started. I participated in the 2014 “predictions” round-up, but I was somewhat skeptical of the idea. For reasons entirely my own, I was primarily turned off by the title of the site. I am not one to wear labels easily and I have a […]