These are links to some resources I commonly use. Many are referenced elsewhere in my posts but I put them here for convenience. I will update it as often as I can based upon my own whim. I will not respond to requests to add items to this page.


SQLite – Very lightweight, yet powerful, database engine.
SQLite Data Browser – A nice, simple GUI for SQLite.
System.Data.SQLite – .Net data provider for SQLite.
SpatiaLite – Spatial data support for SQLite

PostgreSQL – Powerful open-source RDBMS
PostGIS – Spatial data support for PostgreSQL
PostGIS In Action – A great book about PostGIS

ESRI Stuff:
ESRI Resource Center (9.x)
ESRI Resource Center (10.x)
ArcGIS API for Silverlight/WPF (1.x)
ArcGIS API for Silverlight/WPF (2.x)

Developer Stuff:
Shapely – Open-source Python library for geometry processing
SharpMap – Open-source .Net mapping library
RssReader – C# component for handling RSS feeds
SharpZipLib – Open-source .Net component for handling zip files
DotNetZip – Another open-source .Net component for handling zip files
mod_aspdotnet – Runs ASP.Net under Apache on Windows
SilverlightRibbon – FOSS (New BSD) implementation of a ribbon control in Silverlight. I’ve been pretty productive with it.
WPF Application for Importing ESRI Shapefiles – An oldie but a goodie. Shows using dispatcher and delegates to incrementally display shapes as they are loaded.
Menu and Context Menu for Silverlight 4.0 – A nice context menu control for Silverlight. I have used this on a couple of projects.

Mapping/GIS Stuff:
Spatial references, coordinate systems, projections, datums, ellipsoids – confusing? – A very good, succinct post by Morten explaining coordinate systems. I direct new coworkers to this regularly.
Accurate Distance Calculations in UTM Projections – Another good post from Morten. I also point developers to this a lot. It explains things much more succinctly than I can.
Tiles à la Google Maps: Coordinates, Tile Bounds and Projection – Ever wonder what the tile X and Y is for a given location? This site lets you find out in TMS, Quadtree, or Google Maps. Very useful for testing and debugging.
Gaia Geospatial Platform – From the Carbon Project, I have found Gaia indispensible for debugging WxS calls. This is always one of the first things I install on a new machine. It also has a Mono build for Linux users.
CartoDB – Hosted spatial data storage using PostGIS. Features nice HTTP + JSON SQL and Map APIs.

Useful Sites:
JSON Format – A nice online resource for quickly prettifying a block of JSON text.