Almost There with 9.2

Okay, I have no one to blame but myself. I have Desktop and the full EDN kit (except for ArcIMS) installed. Therefore, I’ve uninistalled everything 9.1 and reinstalled everything 9.2 and now I get to do the service packs. One day, I’ll get back to coding, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, the front of my forehead keeps getting flatter from banging it on the desk…

How Do You Disable This Dialog in ArcMap?

**UPDATE**Check the comments for the resolution to this. 9.2 offers a registry setting and, since I’m upgrading, I’ll make use of that. I got pretty far on my API hack though.

My question is twofold: First: Can you stop this dialog from appearing in ArcMap 9.1? Second: If not, does 9.2 give you the option to turn this thing off?

ArcMap Drawing ErrorsĀ Dialog

I have posted a similar query on the ESRI forums but I thought the blogosphere may be able to weigh in on this. This dialog was introduced at 9.1 as a “feature” but it’s not the most developer-friendly thing in the world. A little background:

I have an application running as a Windows service that is receiving data and stuffing it into ArcSDE. I have another app that’s an ArcMap extension. It refreshed the map on a specified interval and shows the new data as it comes in. There is no syncronization between the two. As you would expect, there are occaionally collisions. The ArcSDE layer may be in load-only mode or something similar. I have a lot of exception-handling in place to trap all of those kinds of things.

This dialog defies all of that. Despite my exception handling, it still pops up and it completely freaks out my users. I would like to turn it off. (I would really like to kill it.) I can’t find a registry setting or any other such option that allows me to do that so I’m stumped. Any help would be appreciated and I promise to sing your praises on this blog if you have the solution.

For background: we are using 9.1 (for a number of reasons). We are starting the upgrade planning to go to 9.2. If 9.2 fixes this, then I’ll stop worrying about it. Any useful info would be very helpful. My next step is some slimy Windows API hack to suppress the damned thing.

Desktop? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Desktop!

I figured I’d pile on here because it seems that a little ganging up may be in order. James and Kirk have posted about the dearth of Desktop sessions at the upcoming Developer Summit.

Kirk also provides a good, specific example of a server-only feature that would be useful, and perfectly possible, in Desktop. One of the big advantages to having a product like ArcGIS Server which, like Engine and Desktop, is built from ArcObjects, is that you can have the same core set of objects to use to build applications in all three environments. Yes, there will be some peculiarities to each platform (especially Server) that dictate some special cases but, really, something like the FeatureGraphicsLayer that Kirk points out should be available in all cases.

ArcObjects is a behemoth and ESRI’s challenge will be not to fork the code base unnecessarily along platform lines. I realize Server is the cool kid on the block right now but Desktop is going to be the workhorse for a long time. ESRI needs to make sure it doesn’t get left behind at the API level.