Gearing up for GIS in the Rockies

I finally got around to finishing my travel plans for GIS in the Rockies (personal obligations prevent me from making it out for Ingite Spatial NoCo). I booked my flight a while ago but I had been procrastinating on the hotel and rental car. This will be my first time in that part of Colorado so I am looking forward to seeing the area and meeting people out there. NoCo is second only to the DC area in clustering of folks in my Twitter crowd. Continue reading “Gearing up for GIS in the Rockies”

A Look at “PostGIS In Action”

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading a copy of the upcoming book by Regina Obe and Leo Hsu titled “PostGIS In Action.” Through my work with zigGIS and some of my consulting work with Zekiah, I have been using PostGIS with good results for some time now. I have found that it matches or exceeds the capabilities of its commercial counterparts and I can be quite productive with it.

Regina has been a frequent contributor to zigGIS discussions over the years and her expertise with PostGIS has definitely helped Abe, Paolo and I as we have worked on it. Also, many tips from the Boston GIS blog/site have been very helpful so I have been looking forward to this book for some time. Continue reading “A Look at “PostGIS In Action””

A Couple of PostgreSQL Conferences

It looks like PostgreSQL Conference, US is putting on a couple of conferences in April. The first, East 2009, is at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 3 April to 5 April. The final schedule for that one can be found here.

For those on the West Coast, there is PgDay at LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, Washington on 25 April. Paper submissions are still being taken for that one so, if you think you want to present, check it out here.

Updates: Steve Citron-Pousty informs me (see below) that he will be presenting about PostGIS at the Bellingham conference. Additionally, Regina has informed me about PGCon 2009 in Ottawa, Canada on 21-22 May, where her group will also be talking about PostGIS.

Using PostgreSQL Views in zigGIS 2.0.2

When we mapped out the way ahead for zigGIS, we knew we wanted to lay the groundwork to add support for SQL Server 2008 and possibly other database platforms. The way zigGIS was originally constructed, it used the PostGIS geometry_columns table to discover available spatial tables. This has worked well but we came to realize that there are numerous workflows that can be employed to create spatial tables in PostGIS and many of these don’t necessarily register in the geometry_columns table. For example, you can use a standard CREATE TABLE to create a table that includes a geometry column. In this case, the table will not be registered but will still be a valid spatial table. The same can be said for views. Continue reading “Using PostgreSQL Views in zigGIS 2.0.2”

zigGIS 2.0.2 Enhancements Announced

Abe posted today about upcoming enhancements in zigGIS 2.0.2. These changes address some of the most common feedback that we’ve heard from users. Abe has been working hard to get these changes implemented and released in a timely fashion. Testing will begin shortly.

In addition to the flexibility that Abe describes, these changes also begin to position zigGIS to support other data sources beyond PostGIS.

Using ArcSDE 9.3 with PostgreSQL, Part 3.5

I thought I was done with the series a while back but I’ve been getting a steady stream of questions through other channels so I thought I’d wrap up a lot of the common stuff in another post. Most of the inquiries come from people trying to integrate ArcSDE for PostgreSQL with open-source tools in one way or another. Here are a few notes: Continue reading “Using ArcSDE 9.3 with PostgreSQL, Part 3.5”

A Good PostGIS Overview…

Steven Citron-Pousty gave a talk on PostGIS and has helpfully posted his slides here. It’s a good introductory overview and provides some good examples of basic spatial SQL in PostGIS.

With ArcGIS Server now supporting PostgreSQL as a back end RDBMS and also supporting the use of PostGIS geometries, a lot of new users may be migrating to the PostgreSQL platform. This presentation is a good overview for anyone picking it up for the first time. Thanks, @TheSteve0!