Foursquare – Teetering On the Edge of YASN

I read with interest this article that was brought to my attention by @gis_Todd on Twitter. I have been playing with Foursquare for a few weeks now and I think this article is in sync with some observations I have had about it but also misses the mark on one key point. Continue reading “Foursquare – Teetering On the Edge of YASN”

MapWindow Looking for Testers and Programmers

MapWindow is has posted a message over on LinkedIn looking for testers and programmers. The text of the message, posted by Paul Meems, is:

Any GIS experts available with some free time?
Here at MapWindow GIS ( we’re looking for people who are willing the use MapWindow (it’s Open Source, so it’s free to use) and share their experiences. We also have our own LinkedIn group:

A follow-up answer to one of my LinkedIn contacts clarified that they are looking for testers and programmers. So, if you’re interested in helping out an open-source project, here’s your chance. Also, you may want to give LinkedIn a spin.