Come Sling Code With Us

It’s been a pretty good week for us at Zekiah. We announced two new contract wins and I’m pleased to say that we’re not done yet. After final paperwork is done, we should be able to announce a couple more. These are the things that make small-business ownership worthwhile: doing good work, building relationships with our customers and then leveraging our track record to be able to work with new customers. Project execution and business development help us build the foundation necessary to be a good place for our employees to work and we try hard every day to make sure that we are such a place.

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A #LazyWeb Compendium of Python Resources for Beginners

A friend who is in the midst of a career change and moving into the GIS world asked me for some pointers to resources for getting started with Python. I threw the question out to Twitter (with a similar variation also posted to Google+):

I got a couple of requests to summarize any information I received, which seemed reasonable. I got quite a few responses and here are some links:

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Yes, You Need to Code

Over the past year, I’ve been involved in searching for GIS analysts a number of times. As a result, I’ve noticed a few patterns:

  1. There are a lot of analysts out there looking for jobs. Every time I run an ad, I get at least 100 resumes from people of various levels of experience and education.
  2. The vast majority of those that I call to pre-screen have not done any meaningful coding of any kind. This includes Python, which has been shipping with ArcGIS for several versions now.
  3. Of those that do have some coding experience, many do not show it on their resumes. I find this particularly interesting as I can’t imagine why a person would choose not to list all relevant skills or experience.

I am very publicly on the record that I think some form of coding skill is essential for any GIS analyst entering the workforce today. My reasoning here is fairly straightforward.

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Looking for a Few Good Developers

Typically, I try not to directly mix work and blogging but here goes:

If you’ve poked around my blog enough, you know that I’m a partner at Zekiah Technologies in La Plata, MD. We are currently looking for up to four .Net developers to support various projects. ESRI development experience is a plus. Depending on the project, you could find yourself working with ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL. Some of the projects are supporting systems that have been in place for a while and require migration from older technologies. All will involve the development of new capability.

Once again, work location may vary depending upon the project but it will either be in Dahlgren, Norfolk or Reston in Virginia (especially Dahlgren). We are a consulting company that does development and implementation for our customers. For these positions, customer requirements specify US citizenship. Foreign travel may be required.

I chose to blog about this because I and all of my partners will be at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego and it seemed like it might be a convenient place to talk since so many people will be there. We will be staffing booth 612 so feel free to stop by if you’re interested.

For those who read this and may be thinking this way: we are not at liberty to sub-contract any of these positions.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions: