First Thoughts on ArcGIS 10.0

The announcement that ArcGIS 9.4 is being re-christened as 10.0 leaves me feeling somewhat bemused. I have seen the new version of Desktop and it is nice and will finally update the current Office-97-feeling UI. The list of changes coming in 10.0 (published so far) is impressive but I haven’t seen any discussion of the changes coming to the ArcGIS architecture, which is of greater interest to me as a developer and integrator. Given the past history of ArcGIS, calling this release 10.0, in my mind, implies a significant architectural shift. ArcGIS 8 was a clear departure from the previous releases of ARC/INFO. Indeed, it not only came with a new version but introduced the name “ArcGIS.” Continue reading “First Thoughts on ArcGIS 10.0”

Getting Ready for BP/Dev

I’m trying to wrap things up so that I can be ready to head out to Palm Springs. That’s been somewhat challenging since I’m going on my fifth day with the flu. I’ve been watching some the developments about the ArcGIS REST API with interest but, since I’ve had the energy level of a snail, watching is about all I’ve been up to. Things are looking up now, though.

Anyway, I hope to see a lot of you at the meetup.