f=geojson, Part 3

So it seems this thing may be snowballing. The idea of GeoJSON support was originally floated (not by me) on Esri’s ideas.arcgis.com site a few years back. The entry can be found here. A few days after Esri announced support for GeoJSON in AGOL, they updated the above entry as follows: Note from Esri (Dec … Continue reading “f=geojson, Part 3”

f=geojson, Part 2

In which I say nice things about Esri. You have been warned… A couple of weeks ago, I gave a talk at a local Esri GeoDev Meetup (which also served as a convenient way to tell a room full of developers that my company is hiring developers) on a GeoJSON server object extension for ArcGIS … Continue reading “f=geojson, Part 2”

WeoGeo: Now With GeoJSON

It’s great news that the government shutdown is finally over. Many of our colleagues across the geospatial industry can now report back to work, ending a another stressful period for them. During the shutdown, many stepped up to try and fill the gap left by shuttered government web sites that would normally distribute geospatial data.

GeoJSON on GitHub: Now What?

So GitHub announced that you can now automatically view any GeoJSON files that may be in a repository inside an interactive map driven by MapBox technology. This simple enhancement to GitHub is probably one of the most significant developments in the geospatial industry in years. I’ll explain a little later in this post. It’s also … Continue reading “GeoJSON on GitHub: Now What?”

GeoJSON From ArcGIS Server

A while back, I posted about my desire to see GeoJSON supported as an output format from ArcGIS Server. I found myself needing that capability so I recently completed, and posted to GitHub, a first cut at a server object extension (SOE) for ArcGIS Server 10.1 that enables output of GeoJSON via an HTTP GET. … Continue reading “GeoJSON From ArcGIS Server”

ToGeoJson and ToWKT for the Esri FGDB API

In support of some of our ongoing PIM work, we’ve been integrating the Esri File Geodatabase (FGDB) API into some tools. Without going into a level of detail that would hijack this post, one of the many functions performed by some of the tools is to validate physical spatial databases against established data models to … Continue reading “ToGeoJson and ToWKT for the Esri FGDB API”