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geoMusings Has Moved - Please Update Your Links

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At long last, I have finally completed the transition of this blog from Wordpress (hosted on to Octopress (hosted for now on Github Pages). As I indicated sometime back, I have been planning this for a while. The move is now complete and, although the old site will remain up for the foreseeable future, no new content will be posted there.

Links to the old “” URL will no longer automatically forward to “”. Those links will go to the old Wordpress site, rather than the new location. While this may not be the worst thing in the world, I highly recommend updating any links you may have to point to this URL. I have taken pains to ensure that links using “” redirect correctly but there may be some hiccups. If you notice issues with links to older posts, please feel free to contact me using the information on my “About” page and I’ll try to help resolve it. had perfectly justifiable restrictions on what you could do with a blog (no embedded Javascript, for instance). Over time, I began to feel those limitations more and more. I had originally just planned to move to a self-hosted Wordpress site but I began to reconsider that earlier this year. A couple of blogs I follow were running on Octopress/Jekyll and I was impressed with the performance of the static content. Additionally, I decided I wanted to use a platform that could help stretch me as a programmer. I was not particularly interested in becoming more proficient at PHP (Wordpress) but I was interested in getting more comfortable with Ruby (Octopress/Jekyll), as well as Javascript and CSS.

There were other considerations but I won’t belabour the point. Thanks for your continued support and please update any links that you may still have pointing to the old “geobabble” URL.